About Us

About us

Houston, Texas Nov 17, 1979 where this whole thing started.

We met at Cy-Fair High school, and then I sent Gary attended the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. I went to Texas A&M, and after I finished my teaching certificate at Spring High School, we got married and moved to England. Gary flew A-10’s there, and I worked as a riding instructor.

I couldn’t find a pic of our English cottage, but here’s our local pub, The Barley Mow.

We lived in England for 3 years, and then moved to Florida where Gary transitioned out of the military into aerospace (Business Development). Lindsay was born in Orlando, and then when we’d moved to Ohio, Evan arrived. (We also lived in Maryland, New York and now California but I promise we’re not running from the law) Along the way, I ran home businesses, raised the kids, homeschooled them (and some other random kids as it turned out), volunteered in sports and their theater productions, started my writing career… and fast forward several years… here we all, kids and spouses, are…along with some critters (for now).  😉

Kamie and Evan – May 24, 2014
Lindsay and Josh – August 30, 2014
We have two grand-dogs.
(L) Chloe, the ever-patient Bichon, and (R) Gracie, a mini-pin on springs.

See you on the Fly!
you on the Fly!